Sandra Keller

Post-doctoral Researcher


Institution : University of Neuchatel

Selected Publications

  • Tschan, F., Seelandt, J. C., Keller, S., Semmer, N. K., Kurmann, A., Candinas, D., Beldi, G. (2015) Impact of case-relevant and case-irrelevant communication within the surgical team on surgical site infection. British Journal of Surgery 102(13), 1718-1725.
  • Seelandt, J. C., Tschan, F., Keller, S., Beldi, G., Jenni, N., Kurmann, A., Candinas, D., Semmer. N. K. (2014) Assessing distractors and teamwork during surgery: Developing an event-based method for direct observation. BMJ Quality and Safety 23, 918-929.
  • Kurmann, A., Keller, S., Tschan-Semmer, F., Seelandt, J., Semmer, N. K., Candinas, D., Beldi, G. (2014) Impact of team familiarity in the operating room on surgical complications. World Journal of Surgery. Advance online publication , .