Gilles Chatelain

PhD Student, M.Sc.

Campus Biotech 4166
+ 41 22 379 91 00

Institution : University of Geneva
Department : Psychology
Research field : Consumer Behavior and Decision Making in different environments. How people are and can be influenced in a fast living world.
Discipline : Psychology
Thesis topic : Leveraging mental accounting mechanisms to promote energy conservation.
Supervisor : Tobias Brosch

Gilles works as an assistant and PhD student at the Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab. He completed his degree in psychology with a focus on cognitive psychology, perception and research methods as well as social psychology at the University of Bern. Based on his master thesis on “why people choose risky financial products” and his minor in business administration, he has a broad knowledge on economic issues. A part of his studies he completed at University of Nantes in France, where he mainly enlarged his knowledge in social psychology. Last but not least he holds a Bachelor of Science in Sport Science.

His research is built on the question how we could use the mental accounting mechanism to promote energy conservation. Mental accounting refers to the symbolic linkages between specific acts on consumptions and specific payments, which have large impacts on consumer decisions. Using a combination of online and laboratory experiments, his research project aims at investigating (1) to what extent mental accounting mechanisms are relevant for energy-relevant decisions and (2) how mental accounting mechanisms can be leveraged to promote energy conservation.

If you can't find him in office 4166, the chances are good that he's on his mountainbike or running somewhere through the forest. Otherwise check out the park behind Uni Mail or the next coffee place.