Research Foci

The "research foci" provide an opportunity for researchers from the different teams, as well as associate researchers from other institutions, to work together on specific common areas identified between the projects.

The research foci thus form the core of the NCCR’s interdisciplinary work.

aas.pngApplied Affective Sciences
Senior Researcher, Marcello Mortillaro

Prof. Marianne Schmid-Mast

lac.pngLanguage and culture
Dr. Cristina Soriano


ac.pngAffective computing
Senior Researcher, Guillaume Chanel

moralemo.pngMoral Emotions
Dr. Florian Cova


vr.pngEmotion, Videogames & Virtual Reality
Prof. Daphné Bavelier, Dr. Swann Pichon


Dr. Sylvain Delplanque


emotionaldev.jpgEmotional Development
Prof. Edouard Gentaz

conflict.pngEmotions and Conflict
Dr. Olga Klimecki

ageing.pngHealthy Ageing
Dr. Olga Klimecki

musicanscience.jpgMusic & Science
Dr. Donald Glowinski