Equal opportunities

Our objective is to encourage the advancement of women in their academic career by creating appropriate conditions and increasing the competences of young women researchers. We offer:

Stipend for NCCR collaborators with parental obligations

  • 10% of supplementary salary is provided for young researchers who raise alone children in the preschool age
  • 5% of supplementary salary is provided for young researchers who raise in couple children in the preschool age

Encouragement of mobility

  • Special funding allowing female researchers to attend conferences and to present their work
  • Accepting women researchers as invited scholars to the NCCR Affective Sciences allowing them to increase their training and their chances for employment.

Consciousness raising for NCCR project leaders to particularly encourage women to

  • Apply for NCCR positions
  • Present and publish their research internationally
  • To apply for grant or stipend funding opportunities
  • Regular update for project leaders on the gender distribution of NCCR collaborators

Workshops for women collaborators in the NCCR on career planning and career advancement; the main goals of these workshops will be:

  • Optimizing the CV
  • Applying for grants and stipends
  • Optimizing the performance during a job interview


Upcoming gender events



What Where Who
March 30, 2017 Prise de parole - boîte à outils! S'affirmer, savoir défendre sa thèse et gérer l'imprévu Université de Fribourg REGARD
April 5, 2017 Facilitation techniques for working groups University of Geneva REGARD
April 11, 2017 Reconnaitre et affirmer ses potentiels - Toolkit pour favoriser sa carrière académique University of Geneva REGARD
April 30, 2017 PSI Career Return Program Zurich Paul Scherrer Institute PSI
May 12, 2017 Finding and applying for funding in academia University of Neuchâtel REGARD



Prof. Marianne Schmid Mast
Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC)
University of Lausanne

Prof. David Sander
Department of Psychology
University of Geneva

Daniela Sauge
Administrative support