An important goal of the Swiss National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) Affective Sciences is to train the new generations of affective scientists. Therefore, a major effort is devoted to the Education and Training Program (E&T), designed to foster scientific quality and creativity among talented researchers in the affective sciences. The program is also open to confirmed scholars, already advanced in their own disciplines, who wish to acquire knowledge in complementary disciplines, as well as competence in interdisciplinary research.

The E&T Program coordinates the activities and functioning of the Graduate School and Postdoctoral Program of the NCCR Affective Sciences. The goal in both cases is to promote an interdisciplinary approach towards affective phenomena without losing the disciplinary specialization required for a professional career.

The E&T Program offers a variety of training activities throughout the year and financial resources for the members of the Graduate School and Postdoctoral Program. Additionally, it organizes activities for the members of the NCCR and the academic community at large. The most important of them is our
International Summer School in Affective Sciences (ISSAS), open to the young researchers in the affective sciences from all over the world.

The E&T program is coordinated by the E&T team, headed by Dr. Cristina Soriano, with the support of the Steering Board of the NCCR Affective Sciences.


Upcoming events 2016-2017:



  • Lawrence Zbikowski. 17.03.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Metaphor, Emotion, and Music [more]
  • Jeanne L. Tsai. 05.04.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Cultural Variation in Ideal Affect: Implications for Decision Making, Well-Being, and Social Judgment [more]
  • Annekathrin Schacht. 25.04.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. TBA
  • Aaron Meskin. 09.05.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Dual Character Art Concepts [more]
  • Colin Leach. 06.06.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. TBA
  • Joseph J. Campos. 08.06.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. TBA
  • Brian Knutson. 13.06.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. TBA



  • Fabrice Clément & Danny Dukes. 27.03.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Affective social learning.



  • Lawrence Zbikowski. 17.03.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. TBA
  • Annekathrin Schacht. 25.04.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. TBA



  • Archives Jean Piaget Seminars: Lectures offered in the context of the Archives Jean Piaget and organized in collaboration with the CISA (SDS in Affective Sciences students can validate Lecture credits attending these events)
  • Thumos Seminars: Seminars of the genevan research group on emotions, values and norms (SDS in Affective Sciences students can validate Lecture credits attending these events)



Past events



  • Alexandra Balahur. 06.02.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. How to identify public emotions? Detecting needs and motivation-related arguments in the media [more]
  • Shiro Kumano. 03.02.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Computational Model for Inferring How an Individual Perceives Others’ Affective States [more]
  • Linda Steg. 31.01.2016. CISA, Campus Biotech. Intrinsic motivation to engage in pro-environmental actions [more]
  • Sebastian Berger. 13.12.16. CISA, Campus Biotech. Could we eat insects? Using behavioral science to promote entomophagy. [more]
  • Marta Borgi. 01.12.16. CISA, Campus BiotechAnimal appeal: features underlying children’s attraction to animals. [more]
  • Seth Pollak. 13.09.2016. CISA, Campus Biotech.The Emergence of Children's Emotions: Learning, Development, Biology, and Risk. [more]
  • Jason Rentfrow. 14-06-2016. CISA, Campus Biotech. Measuring Psychological and Behavioral Processes with Mobile Sensors.
  • Beate Seibt & Thomas Schubert, 10-05-16. CISA, 12:15-13:15pm. From the folk concept ‘being moved and touched’ to the theoretical emotion ‘kama muta’: Theorizing and data on a social emotion and its causes. [more]
  • Claus Lamm. 11-03-2016. CISA, Campus Biotech. Shared representations and self-other distinction as two essential components of empathy. [more]
  • Jesse Prinz. 19-01-16. CISA, 12:15-1:15pm. Aesthetic Sentimentalism. [more]
  • Eran Halperin. 09-02-16. CISA, 12:15-1:15pm. Direct and Indirect Emotion Regulation in Intractable Conflicts: A New Path for Conflict Resolution. [more]
  • Michiko Sakaki. 10-11-15. CISA, 5-6:30pm. Effects of emotion on memory: the role of top-down control. [more]
  • Thomas Pavel. 27-10-15. CISA, 12:30-2pm. Loyalty and Contempt. [more]
  • Angeline Lillard. 16-10-15.CISA, UNIMAIL - MS040, 2:15-6pm. Why is Montessori a Facilitative Environment for Theory of Mind?” [more]
  • Hillel Aviezer. 14-10-15. CISA, UNIMAL - MR160, 4:15-6pm. Millionaires in agony: Affective vocalization to winning the lottery. [more]
  • Hanna Pickard. 29-09-2015, CISA, 12:15-1:15pm. Addiction, Denial, Disorder [more]



  • Cade McCall. 17-7-15. CISA, 11 am. Proxemic Imaging: A Method for Visualizing Nonverbal Behavior during Social Interactions. [more]
  • Julien Zanetta & Sylvaine Guyot. 8-6-15. CISA, 4:30-7:30. Theme session "Literature and Emotion". Julien Zanetta, Concealing Emotions, Sylvaine Guyot, Racine Reconsidered: Magnetic Bodies and Emotions on/of the Tragic Stage. [more]
  • Andrea Scarantino. 6-5-15. CISA, 5-6:30 pm. How To Do Things With Emotions: Introducing Affective Pragmatics  [more]
  • Tobias Greitemeyer. 1-4-15. CISA, 5-6:30 pm. How playing video games affects social outcomes. 
  • Marwan Sinaceur.18-2-15. CISA, 5-6:30 pm.- Cancellation
  • David García.17-12-14. CISA, 5-6:30 pm."The digital traces of individual and collective emotions" [more]
  • Michael Lacewing. 10-11-2014. CISA, 5-6:30 pm."How are unconscious emotions possible?" [more]
  • Patricia Bestelmeyer. 24-10-2014. CISA, 5-6:30 pm."Paralinguistic aspects of human voice perception" [more]



  • Sascha Frühholz. 24.02.2017. Zürich. The production of emotional expressions.
  • Tobias Brosch. 31.01.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Behavioral Insights and Nudges [more]
  • Mohammad Soleymani. 30.11.16. CISA, Campus Biotech. An Introduction to Affective and Sentic Computing. [more]
  • Andrea Samson. 06.09.2016. CISA, Campus Biotech. Sense of Humor from an Affective Science Perspective
  • David Rudrauf. 03-05-16. CISA, Campus Biotech. Introduction to methods and signal processing in experimental psychology, psychophysiology, neuroimaging and electrophysiology. [more]
  • Corrado Corradi Dell'Acqua. 11-03-16. CISA, 2-4pm. "The anatomy of Empathy: evidence from cognitive and affective neuroscience" [more]
  • Kerstin Preuschoff. 26-05-15. CISA, 4-6 pm. "Identifying neural networks of decision making under uncertainty" [more]
  • Edouard Gentaz. 10-3-15. CISA, 10-12 am. "The development of emotional facial expression discrimination by newborns and infants in the first year of life" [more]
  • Aglae Pizzone. 11-2-15. CISA, 4-6 pm. "Greek emotions from Athens to Byzantium: current research and future perspectives" [more]
  • Achim Elfering. 28-1-15. CISA, 4-6 pm. "Occupational Sleep Psychology: Role of Social Stressors" [more]



  • Gerben van Kleef. 18-3-15. CISA, 5-6:60 pm. Emotions as agents of social influence. [more]
  • Batja Mesquita. 21-1-15. CISA, 5-6:30 pm."Cultural differences in emotions are adaptive" [more]



  • Mohamed Chetouani. 4-2-15. CISA, 5-6:30 pm. "Machine perception and robotics for understanding interpersonal synchrony" [more]
  • Bob Knight. 19-1-15. CISA, 5-6:30 pm. "Insights into frontal lobe function from intracranial recording in humans" [more]



  • Workshop "Introduction to Machine Learning". With Ben Meuleman. 03.03.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech
  • Workshop "Job market skills outside the academia". With Adoc Talent Management - 22 & 23-10-15. CISA. Registration required.
  • Workshop "Scientific illustration software". With Laura Symul. 24 & 31-08-15. CISA, 1:30 -5:30 pm.
  • Workshop "Neuroimaging meta-analysis". With Simon Eickhoff and Danilo Bzdok.15 and 16-4-15. [more]
  • Workshop "Scientific Illustration". With Laura Symul. 26-1-15. CISA, 9 am - 6 pm [registration]



  • Workshop "Learn to design (psycho-)education through play". With Adam M. Lobel. 13.02.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. 
  • Workshop " Olfaction & Emotion". With Christian Margot, Camille Ferdenzi & Valentina Parma. 06-10-16. CISA. 1:45-5:45pm [more]
  • Workshop "Development of emotion in children and adolescents". With Fabrice Clément, Martin Debbané, Andrea Samson & Marie Schaer. 13.06.2016. CISA, Campus Biotech. [more]
  • Workshop " The role of emotions in conflicts - perspectives from psychology, political sciences and field work". With Eran Halperin, Simon Hug & Maud Roure. 09-02-15. CISA. 2:00-5:30pm
  • Workshop "Affective Pathologies". With Hanna Pickard - 29-09-15. CISA, 2:15-4:15pm.


Colloque The Arts and the emotions / Les arts et les émotions: Organisé par le CISA et le département de français moderne

Annual Research Forum 2016 - 3 & 4-03-2016. CISA, Campus Biotech.

Launching - Swiss Doctoral School in Affective Sciences. 15-09-15. CISA, 09:30am - 15:00pm. Registration required.